Internet Poker that works everywhere

Happy people winning in poker

You are not going to download any other poker software after you have tried our lightweight yet full featured poker client. It is just more fun when you are taken straight to the game instead of messing around with poker download and install.


Challenge your friends for a session of online poker. Win. Show off your skills or spend a few minutes sharpening them. Earn bragging rights. Sharing is easy and instant. In fact, poker is the easiest way to meet new friends and sharing is a tool to find them. So do not be shy - share as much as you like. Sharing buttons palette is at the top right of each page. Use any of your favorite social sites.


Our no download poker room is FAST. Returning visitors can start playing poker in under 10 seconds! Our navigation is optimized for playing poker and nothing else. There are no frustrating multilevel menus, no downloads or maintenance upgrades that slow you down. Just pick a table and get your cards dealt to you.

Multi tabling Heaven

Are you a Texas Holdem junkie? Like to play many hands? Nexus poker has serious multi tabling capabilities. Each poker table opens in a new browser window or tab. Play or watch as many tables as you can comfortably manage on your screen. There is no limit on how many poker tables you can open simultaneously. It is a full-featured no limit poker with no download or install necessary. Full, 9-player tables with time tracking, sit outs and bankroll management are available.

Poker On Facebook

You can get Nexus Poker table as a widget for your personal facebook page. The widget is a live, playable poker table right inside Facebook. The cool part about Nexus Poker on facebook is that you can easily bring your facebook friends to play poker with you! It is a facebook app seemlessly intergated into facebook experience.

Other Goodies

Your poker session is totally portable. Ever wanted to play poker on iPad? - Now you can. Online poker should be as easy as your favorite news website. Nexus Poker is completely browser based. Log in from anywhere: your laptop, smartphone or home PC. Indeed poker downloads are so yesterday.
What about Mac? It does not matter if your computer runs Windows, Mac OSX or Android. As long as device has a web browser, it is good to go. Finally you can break free from keeping a small poker client zoo on your computer. Playing at Nexus Poker is as easy as typing into your browser. Vacationing, traveling for business or relaxing on a couch - your favorite multiplayer poker game is always just a click away.

About Us

Web - a 'now media' has always fascinated us. We set out inventing Web based entertainment that rivals in quality games which today ship on one or more DVDs. We focused on poker because we love that game. The result is a fast playing, online no download poker room where game starts instantly.