Online Multiplayer Poker Room That Is Fast

Happy people winning in poker

Other sites may have more fish and many bells and whistles. At nexus poker we believe that all the fun is in a great poker. So we focused on building a lightweight, highly playable online poker client. In other words keep all the fun but lose all the weight.


Returning visitors can get their first poker hand in under 10 seconds! hat's right, it is faster than any of the best US poker sites. Site's layout is streamlined for quick and efficient multiplyer poker so you can focus on playing well. There are no frustrating multilevel menus, no crowded popups and annoying offers. Just choose a poker table and see cards dealt to you.

Double the Fun with Multi-tabling

Do you like playing many hands? Perhaps you are just one of those people who think fast, move fast and play fast. Then welcome to multitabling heaven. Each poker table opens in its own browser window or tab. Play or watch as many tables as you can comfortably manage on your screen. There is no limit on how many poker tables you can open simultaneously.

Play With Friends On Facebook

Here is a cool part. You can get Nexus Poker table as a part of your facebook page. The widget is a live table, only smaller, where you can play real multiplayer poker. You get the same experience only better because you can invite your facebooks friends to play poker right from inside the game. To check out Nexus Poker on facebook click Nexus Poker Facebook


Challenge your friends for a session of poker. Instead of chasing a poker bonus show off your skills. Earn bragging rights. Multiplayer poker is one of the easiest ways to meet people online. So do not be shy - share as much as you like. Sharing is easy and instant with sharing toolbar at the top right of each page. Use any of your favorite social sites.

Play Anywhere

Can't put down your new iPad? - You do not have to. You can start playing poker on iPad, Android, laptop or any mobile device with a browser. Your poker session is fully portable. Login later from your smartphone, Mac or your home PC and play the same poker with no download or install hassle. Best poker sites give you freedom. So all Nexus Poker needs is a Web browser. You do not need to install any software. Forget about paying for apps on iTunes. Nexus Poker is free. Just fire off Safari on your iPad or iPhone and type into address bar. Vacationing, traveling for business or relaxing on a couch. Whatever your location - Nexus Poker, fastest no download poker, is always just a click away.

About Us

We embrace freedom of the Web. We believe that future is in using Web for everything you use personal computer today. Our vision is to create Web based entertainment that rivals in quality today's games which occupy a whole DVD or more. We focused on poker because we love that game. The result is a free online poker site that loads in under 2 seconds.